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We all love our dogs. And it is in our best interest to provide him with the best things that we can ever give the little guy. Training him is one of those things. Of course, the equipment that come with it must also be the best of its kind and the most suitable and comfortable for your dog. One of the first and most basic things that you have to buy when you start training your dog is a decent and possibly the best pet camera and dog collar.


There are various different kinds of dog training collars available on the market one of which are the buckle collars. These types of dog collars go around your dog's neck and can be either clipped with a regular buckle or a snap on the closing. They are adjustable to whatever is the size of the neck of your dog, however once you have set it, you should not change its size while it is still attached to your dog but instead you have to take it off first then afterwards you can adjust it and reattach. 


There are also some specialized collars which may be more suitable to your dog. These collars are specially created by professional dog trainers based on their experiences in handling thousands of different dogs before. The Illision Collar by Caesar Millan is one of these things. Basically, this dog training collar is a slip collar which is attached to another two bucket collars that are the ones keeping the first collar neatly in place. It lets various dog trainers to use the main loop as some kind of a slip collar behind the ears instead of down at the base of the dog's neck where most dog collars usually rest. This certain area behind a dog's ears is very sensitive indeed most especially for those breeds which have heavy neck muscles such as the bull terriers. This type of collar are most suitable to these kinds of breeds of dogs because the collar keeps the sensitive area higher where the correction is felt better. The illusion collar should only be used during walking or training and must never be left attached to your dog at all times.


Another specialized type of dog training collars are the head collars. This seems somehow like the halter to the horse. Same as how the halter goes, a strap is placed over the nose of the dog which make it a little bit easier yo control its head. Check out wireless dog fence reviews to get a better idea about your options. 


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